Why this is the best time for investing in social media marketing

Though social media marketing isn’t yet a universal trend, it’s getting closer. 70 percent of the total population in the U.S. today has at least one profile in the social networking sites and more than 50 percent use two or even more social networks. The total number of users on social media is estimated to rise from 2.1 billion in 2015 to 2.5 billion by the end of 2018. In case of some entrepreneurs, the term social media marketing seems to be the powerful fad which must be taken benefit of while it is in its full form. Since it appeared all of a sudden, it has succeeded in building a reputation for being a marketing interest. The statistics also show that in 2014, about 92 percent of online marketers agreed that social media marketing is crucial for their business out of which, 80 percent indicated of how their efforts increased the traffic to the websites. In such a scenario, if you are willing to reap the advantages of this growing trend, you will have to seek the aid of professionals who offer services of social media marketing Brisbane wide.

Advantages proffered by the social media marketing

By simply building the audience with help of social media marketing strategies devised by the companies which also offer services of best web design in Brisbane, can improve the conversion rates. Presently, 97 percent marketers are indulging in social media marketing owing to the following benefits…

  • Increased recognition of brand: Each and every opportunity aimed at syndicating your content and increasing your visibility is extremely valuable, and your social media networks are viable channels for the content and voice of your brand. The service of social media marketing Brisbane professionals provide is crucial as it simultaneously makes a brand more easily accessible for fresh users along with making it more familiar with the existing users.
  • Improved loyalty to the brand: A recent report published by the Texas Tech University reveals that those brands who take part in the social media marketing achieve higher loyalty from their existing users. The report even infers that each and every firm must try to take advantage of the tools offered by the social media when it concerns connecting with the audience. An open-source media plan custom crafted by the professionals who offer services of social media marketing Brisbane wide can prove to be influential in instigating the consumers to be loyal to the brand.
  • Offers more opportunities to convert: Since each and every post on the social media is a viable means of converting the customers. It must be created with utmost concentration on various relevant factors by the web design company. Once a following is built, you can simultaneously have access to a wide range of customers both old and new. All the images, videos, blog posts and comments shared by a brand are the chances for the consumers to react. Though all interactions may not result in a conversion, but some of them can increase the possibility of initiating a conversation.

Additionally, the services of social media marketing offered by a web design firm has a cent percent higher lead rate than outbound marketing. One can build a higher number of followers and improve the trust and reliability of the particular brand representing a social proof. Try us now by visiting http://digital8.com.au/services/social-media-marketing-is-the-future-and-the-future-is-now/.

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