6 Maintenance Tricks for Your Refrigerators and Coolers

If your fridge or cooler breaks down, entrusting it to the professionals is always the wiser choice. Nonetheless, prevention is better than cure. Before you call commercial refrigeration Melbourne company for a repair, here are some DIY ways you can try:

Keep your display fridge or cooler squeaky clean.

This is the simplest and most preventative advice often suggested by commercial refrigeration Melbourne companies.

To keep your freezer or cooler clean, you can use a soft cleaning cloth and a soapy water solution. Just be careful of some cleaning chemicals. Read the labels before using them. Some cleaning solutions contain components that strip away the metal surfaces.

If you are curious about the harmful cleaning chemicals that might ruin your appliances, you can research or enquire from experts in commercial refrigeration companies Melbourne wide.

Be strict on spillage.

Be strict on your spillage policies. Remind employees to be extra careful with appliances, especially freezers and coolers.

Always store wet floor sign, a spill kit, or a mop and a bucket nearby, if your fridge or cooler is located inside the kitchen area.

Make sure the refrigerator coils are cleaned frequently.

Refrigerator coils are crucial parts of any fridge.

When coils get damaged and refrigerants are let loose, it will cost a fortune. In addition, if dust and dirt accumulate on coils, the airflow will decrease and the cooling function will follow suit.

Keeping them dust-free will only take an hour or less and this must be done annually.

When cleaning them, remember to disconnect the circuit breaker, the power, and the water supply line if there’s any. You can use a vacuum to clean the fan blades. Meanwhile, for the hard-to-reach corners, you can use a narrow brush.

Check the door seals and hinges.

Heavy-duty refrigerators can, of course, handle a heavy workload. However, this doesn’t guarantee that the hinges and door seals will still be as good as new eventually.

You must lubricate them regularly. Make sure there’s an audible “thud” when you close them. Loosened door seals or hinges also affect the cooling ability of refrigerators. When cold air escapes, the refrigerator works harder, consuming more energy in the process.

Inspect the condensing unit for proper function.

Make sure the spaces that surround the evaporators and condensing units are free of clutter. This ensures proper airflow in your fridge.

Hire a refrigeration technician for a regular maintenance program.

If your fridge or cooler is not as cool as it used to be, it means something is wrong. This is easily fixed if you regularly contact a refrigerator technician who specialises in industrial refrigeration Melbourne services.

There are also commercial refrigeration Melbourne companies that offer retrofits if you want your kitchen appliances to be updated with the latest technology trends in the market.

Final note

These are only the DIY ways you can do before calling a refrigeration technician. If all else fails and you need a professional help in maintaining the functionality of your Glycol chiller or Ammonia refrigeration systems, you can visit this site. For more details, visit their website at: https://www.nksrac.com.au

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