Things to Consider in Copier Purchase

Copiers are very essential equipment in any office. That is why whenever there is a breakdown, prompt copier repair is a necessity. As there are many brands and models in the market, sometimes deciding on the best copier to purchase can be quite a tough decision to make. Below is a guide on some of the most important things you should consider as you look forward to purchasing a photocopier machine for your business.

copier repair

Copy speed

This is the most important aspect of consideration when it comes to making a purchase of this equipment. A copier that is able to copy a good number of pages per minute is one with good speed. A faster device also will have a large copy volume.


Look at the reputation of the manufacturer of the photocopier you are looking at before you buy it. Also, look at the track record of the device. It would be advisable to purchase a photocopier from a manufacturer who is established and is popular among users for this means their brand is trusted. Consider their environmental policies and views on social responsibility. This could easily be found on their website. Additionally, manufacturer’s warranty is important. This is because a warranty would mean longer protection for you.

Post sale support options

An important aspect of photocopiers that many buyers tend to overlook is what will happen in case the device will develop a fault. Your photocopier, therefore, needs to be protected and have access to canon copier repairs technicians if it’s what you will settle on if any faults occur with the device. Therefore, it’s important you buy from a service provider that will include copier repair and technical support in your terms and service. Additionally, the support should be at no extra costs.


 It’s only natural that whenever you are looking forward to buying any item, the price first comes to mind. The same goes for photocopiers. First buy a copier that fits into your budget without compromising on quality. Also put into consideration the amount you will have to spend on the photocopier maintenance as well. The cost of copier repair as well is important. Comparing the prices across different models can help you arrive at an informed decision.


You must consider the usability of the photocopier you are buying. You should think about how often you will need the photocopier and the circumstances in which the photocopier will be used. This way you will find a copier that will suit best the needs of your company. Additionally, you should put into consideration the ability of your employees to use the photocopier.

While buying a new photocopier is a great investment for any company, knowing the things to put into consideration when making the purchase is of equal importance. Therefore, take your time and find the right copier that will serve the purpose you want. Also, while Sydney wide photocopier repairs may be great for your old office equipment, getting new equipment can be cost saving in some instances.


Mega Blocks for Playful Boys and Girls

Give any child pieces of building blocks and you will realize that it will keep him occupied for a few minutes or even hours. Toys like mega blocks are not only fun to play with but they also encourage the creativity of children. With these toys, they can create almost anything that is in their imagination depending on how many blocks are at their disposal.
For children, these blocks are more than just different coloured pieces. Thanks to their fertile minds, children play with blocks and think of these as parts of a castle, an airplane or even a whole city. Imagine what they can do when given big blocks to play with.
Durable toys for kids
If you are on the lookout for toys that will last wear and tear and your child’s aggressive play, then nothing can beat the sturdiness of mega blocks. These toys are meant to last and you will realize this when you still have those blocks in the attic even if the hands that played with them years ago is now already on his way to college.
There are no limits except the imagination of your children when it comes to building toy blocks. To keep them in good shape, it is best to get the matching table as this serves as a storage area for the toys. More importantly, it is easy to tag along anywhere because it is portable so you can bring them with you anywhere to keep your child occupied at all times.
Blocks that can be built into cars, bikes and other vehicles can keep your child busy for hours. However, the bigger blocks that can also function as a toy car or toy tables are the best gifts for children. Here are some of the blocks you can choose from:

    • Ride-on blocks with toolbox

This is one of the best gifts you can give to a toddler who envisions himself as a builder even at such a young age. It is easy to assemble with 12 durable blocks that come with huge wheels you can use to make the truck your little one’s means of transportation at home.

    • Dinosaur Train

Dinosaurs are supposed to be scary creatures but thanks to Barney, children have become especially enamoured with the big creatures. These toy blocks will give your child a chance to build his very own Dinosaur World complete with trains, the tyrannosaurus Rex and lots of fun.

    • Barbie blocks

Girls could not get enough of Barbie so make sure to give your little one a chance not only to play with Barbie but also to become more creative with this set of blocks. There are different sets of building blocks so you can provide everything that every little girl needs to build her own Barbie world including a mansion, beach house, and everything nice.
Where to get your Mega blocks
Mr. Toys is a licensed retailer of almost all of the popular toys for kids including the building blocks, Barbie, Fisher Price and other equally popular brands. You can always opt for online shopping since the store has made available an extensive list of toys in their online catalogue. However, you can also check out the various stores in the following locations:

    • Mr. Toys at chermside shopping centre

This toy shop is found at one of Queensland’s largest shopping centres. It has 409 stores spread out in the large 144,351 square metre retail floor area.

    • Mr. Toys at Indooroopilly shopping centre

This toy store is found at one of Brisbane’s major shopping centres. It has 249 stores spread out in an 84,516 square metre area.
Check out Mr. Toys and see how easy it is to get your building blocks and other toys online or personally.